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Activity Day Out

 The perfect activity day out begins with us!

A family getaway to the sea, or hiking with friends, Go Karting, Paint Balling Travel Young Minibus Hire will provide you with worry-free transfers over short and long distances.  Keep your expenses in check, travel in class, and support the environment.  In the end, everyone is happy!

In addition to finding a suitable date and choosing a destination that suits everyone, organizing transport is one of the biggest challenges for group outings.  We at Travel Young Minibus Hire take care of all the inconveniences surrounding arranging transport.  This way, you and your pals can confidently look forward to a fun-filled experience. 


When you opt to ride with Travel Young Minibus Hire, you and your group will be transported in one (or even several if you have a huge group) of our luxury minibuses.  By this, the journey for the entire company is already a party - no need to stress or arrange multiple means of transport and drivers. 


Quality that matters

With us, you not only travel more pleasantly but also a lot cheaper because individual fuel and parking cost won’t add up to your bill.


Additionally, all our vehicles meet environmental requirements. Plus, your safety and comfort are guaranteed because our fleet is in tip-top conditions and equally meet all technical and mechanical needs expected of the best minibus hire company in Co Louth. This way, you can be so confident your day won’t grind to a halt.


Your best minibus hire for incredible activity day out!


Do yourself a favour – concentrate on making it an exceptional day, let us worry about getting you through it on fantastic wheels!

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