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Golf Trips

Travel Young Minibus Hire: your specialist for exclusive golf trips.

Take a break and play a few rounds of golf with picturesque views.  Gain your first golf experience or improve your handicap. Whatever your need, we provide the best minibus hire service to make your golf trips a success.

Do not leave anything to chance when organizing your golf trip and hire a professional.  We offer you a personalised and exclusive minibus hire for your golf trips.  Our range of vehicles can take you from your preferred pick up point and take you to the first tee of some top golf courses, beautiful country hotels and the right terminal of the airport all of your choosing.

Thanks to our special minibuses that are purposed built for golf courses which feature convenient undercarriage storage for golf clubs, you and your team would have more room to travel in assured safety.


When choosing the best golf courses in and around Louth, Meath and Dublin we at Travel Young Minibus HIre are incredibly knowledgeable.  And having travelled to a variety of exceptional golf resorts ourselves, we can provide you with reliable recommendations to ensure a memorable golf trip.

All our offers have been carefully put together by experts who are true to the game. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what is essential on a golf trip. With us, you book first-class fun with which many of our customers have already had good experiences.  Of course, the minibus hire services would fulfil their promise – comfortable, safe, and convenient transportation. Rely on Travel Young Minibus Hire – your Louth, Meath & Dublin bus hire expert for one-of-a-kind golf trips!

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